Buddha and the Bible

September 10, 2008 at 12:32 pm (Uncategorized) ()

So yesterday, someone came in asking for an Arabic bible. We told him we don’t sell bibles, and he went off on one about how we ought to, since Muslims must read other books for the sake of information, and particularly the holy books of other religions, and in fact our stock ought to be much wider.

I really can’t see why we need to make an explanation for not selling them, to the point I can’t even formulate said explanation. A while ago, someone came in asking for a statue of Buddha – come on people, get a clue! This is an ISLAMIC shop! We don’t sell Buddhas or bibles!

As a possibly irrelevant point of curiosity – should the ‘b’ of ‘bible’ be capitalised?


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  1. A'ishah said,

    I can see where there might be a case for selling the Bible, since in essence Islam is based on the teachings of all the Abrahamic prophets, although the Bible has of course not been preserved or read by non-Muslims in the same way the Qur’an has by Muslims. But the idea that an Islamic bookshop HAS to carry a Bible is about as logical as saying a Christian bookshop HAS to carry the Talmud. Besides, it’s your store.

    Yes, the B of Bible should be capitalized (at least in standard English…as Qur’an is capitalized, Torah is capitalized, etc.).

    Buddhas I just don’t get. I mean, as a former Buddhist and a scholar of Buddhism, I love it bunches and bunches, but really. Buddhas in an Islamic bookshop?

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